A Little Bit More About Me

Hello Readers!

Today I finished my last finals test on my last class of this year. Now, I still have one more year until I graduate, and I’m going to have to take a summer class this summer, but for now I am free! This (hopefully) means more time to think up new blog ideas.

I follow a blog called The Artful Author, and if you love to enjoy creative writing I suggest checking out her blog, and she sometimes tells a little bit about herself and what she likes. So I am copying her. (Hope you don’t mind, Jess. 🙂 )

As many of my friends and acquaintances know, I was homeschooled all through elementary, middle, and high school. I am now in college, taking an online course in Business Administrative. Boring stuff. Anyways, it does have some bright spots, but there are plenty of dark places to make me appreciate the light spots. I’ll just put it that way. I have never regretted being homeschooled. My mom’s persistence that I learn to learn has helped me out in so many ways in college. If your mom is a home educator, please let her know that you realize she is doing you the biggest service she can do for you in your education. Home teachers are amazing.

I also love music, particularly playing piano, violin, and singing. I also love musicals. (As you saw in one of my recent posts about Millie in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, which I highly recommend.) My favorite musicals are usually ones based on books, like Les Miserables and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. My brother, the seventeen year old one, and I used to have the complete Les Miserables concert memorized, except for the Master of the House song and other inappropriate parts. Because there are so many boy parts, I often would sing Vajean’s part, or Marius’ part, or whoever my brother wasn’t singing as. Now, I only have it half memorized. He still has most of it in his head.

I love movies in general, especially the ones with a moving story that causes me to think or cry. I am a big C.S. Lewis and Tolkien fan. I do not read or watch Harry Potter. I know a little bit about it, because I wanted to know what all the hullabaloo was about, and I really don’t see why people compare it to LOTR. (Lord of the Rings for those who don’t do abbreviations.) I get pressured to read or watch Harry Potter all the time, but I can’t. My dad said no, and that is good enough for me. One of my favorite movies that I recommend for writers is Bridge to Terabithia. It is an awesome story about two children who create a make believe world. It is sad, and sometimes crude, but most of it is a sweet story of how imagination can save someone and change them for the better. In fact, my Dragon Prince story is influenced by this movie. It is also good for those of us who play out our stories in our head and forget to live in the real world sometimes.

Last of all, I love to read. I have always loved to read, and was often grounded from reading until I got the rest of my school done. I have always loved the stories where the hero has to give up something precious to them, or reach way outside their comfort zone to get what they value. One in mind is The Two Princesses of Bavarre, which also influenced the early stages of my Dragon Prince story. It’s an interesting story, and if you love dragons and princesses, you will love this one. What I also like about it, (trying not to give away too many spoilers 🙂 ) is that it doesn’t make it easy on the main character, making her go way out of her comfort zone, and you are on the edge of your seat until the very end. At first you may seem disappointed with the ending, but you realize that it is exactly what you wanted and would have cheated you any other way.

Well, that’s just a sliver of stuff about me. It was mainly entertainment, wasn’t it? Oh well. That isn’t all there is to know about me. I do have a serious, reflective side about me somewhere. *looks around, and turns in circles* Where is it? *stops turning and shrugs* Oh well. Maybe it’ll pop up sometime soon.

Seriously, though, you do need to watch what you watch or read, for there are hidden messages that can affect the way you think. I may reflect on some of the ones I’ve found later, but for now, test the stories you come up with and watch and read and see if they bring glory to God, or if they glorify rebellion against God or the authorities that God has placed in our lives. Like Tangled.

God bless and keep you!



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