Guardian Angels: Epilogue

Hello Readers!

Here is the final part. It kind of wraps the story up. I’m not going to put  link this time to the previous ones. If you want to read all of the parts, I will have a tag just for this story, so you can just look up all of them.

Without further ado, the final scene of Guardian Angels.


White forgot me by the next morning, and he and his wife counted the residual story as only a dream, and not the truth. I suppose it was for the best.

He may never have seen me again, but I saw him once more.

Death came particularly early to that child, and she was still born in her third month. They buried her in the church cemetery. I had begged Yahweh to let me go down and comfort White, but He refused, saying He had sent another servant, one of His Comforters, to do that. Yahweh did permit me, however, to go to the funeral, where I stood, unseen, amoung the few mourners, remembering when I could cry, and how it had helped with the pain. White wasn’t crying. I wanted to shout out, to reveal myself to him, and tell him, make him cry. But I couldn’t. That was another angel’s job now.

It was then I saw the quiet minister. He went over and laid a hand on White’s shoulder and led him away. I followed them, and that was when I began to understand even more of Men. The minister opened his Bible, and showed White many things from it. I didn’t hear anything, but I didn’t have to. He was bringing hope and peace, I could see that from White’s face.

First the tears came, then came the smile. The laughing would come later on, I knew.

But not for me.

I still had a job to do. Another child needed me. And so, I still guard the hearts and lives of children, watching as the they  grow, and as they die.

I said in the beginning I was an angel, a demon, and a human. Well, that’s not entirely true now. I am an angel. I remember being a human. I almost became a demon.

So, who am I?

Good question.

I am a servant of the Most High, the King of Kings and the LORD of lords. I guard and protect those that He cherishes, and I do it with gladness and joy. I am a Guardian Angel.


Comment below on what you have thought of the story as a whole, or any other comments you have. And please, may I remind you not copy my work without my permission. Unless you can claim to control my brain and my fingers, you have no right to it. Thank you.



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