Unity in Design

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As you have already guessed or known for a while, I have a couple of little siblings, and they like to watch little kid shows. Not the same ones I watched when I was their age, except for Veggie Tales, but still, little kid shows. One of them is Sid the Science Kid. It’s not their favorite, and we don’t watch it all that often, but it sparked a reflection for me today. Though I am sure it was not its purpose, it reminded me of the unity of design in God’s creation.

The lesson in the Sid episode was about communication in animals, and Sid wanted to know if dogs could talk, and one of the characters said something about lots of animals communicating, not just dogs. And they were right. One of the underlying themes of creation is communication.

“The heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmaments showeth His handiwork.” (Psalm 19:1)

Communication is more than just speaking words and making sounds. We communicate with our body motions, our actions, and even our reason for being. What do we live for? This communicates so much to the world.

If even the mute heavens and earth can declare or show, both forms of communication, God’s handiwork, how much more can the other created beings?

There are many examples of complex and incredible creatures that had to have been made by a Designer. Though different people may come to different conclusions, the creatures are still communicating exactly as God meant for them to.

Man is possibly the most communicative creature God made. We speak, we write, we demonstrate, we choose, and we interpret all the other forms of creation. Interpretation is a form of communication as well, for what is the point of someone saying something if there is no one to interpret it? Even in a monologue, where no one else is hearing you, YOU are hearing you, and you interpret your own message to yourself.

Man is also the form God chose to take in order to communicate the saving knowledge of His Son, Jesus Christ. He didn’t become a dog, or a cat, or even a monkey. He chose to be a man, who spoke truth explicitly, and not ambiguously like Creation in general.

Since everything communicates something, the next question that naturally follows is what were we created to communicate? Psalms 19 tells us this as well. We are to declare the glory of God. The first catechism says, in essence, that the chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. Everything we do, including communicating, is for the glory of God.

Are there any communications that do not glorify God then? After all, we live in a sinful world where man has rebelled against God and His commands, seeking glory for themselves in everything, which includes, naturally, communication.

This point can be argued several ways, with some saying that all communication must ultimately glorify God, and others saying that not all communication can glorify God, but I am not going to argue either one here. I am currently reading a book on why there is evil in the world when we have a great, good, and sovereign God, and have not yet read enough to have solidified what I believe in my mind, and so, I’ll let those who have argue it out in the comments below.

How do we declare the glory of God? We declare His truth. How do we as writers, specifically communicate God’s truth to God’s glory? We write stories that, without preaching, demonstrate spiritual truths using every day occurrences, like Jesus’ parables.

But what about the fantasy writer? Well, being one myself, I guess I should answer that one. Fantasy writers may seem like they’re creating a completely new world with no parallels in the real world, but they’re not. It is impossible to completely separate your world from the real one. Trust me, I’ve tried. There is good, and there is evil. You might try to mix the two up, but ultimately it doesn’t mix with the audience. They still have their ideals, and expect your story to add up to it in some way or another.

My fantasy story is not all that different from real life, actually. I have a proud man, who because of his pride has a torn family, and hurts those around him. It is not until he puts aside his pride that relationships can be healed and rebuilt.

Back to our subject: Communication is extremely important to God. I mean, He wrote down His Word, preserved it over thousands of years, and still speaks to us through it even today. There are also several examples of God commanding His people to declare things, or speaks of people calling out, like John, the voice crying in the wilderness, who, by the way, was declaring God’s truth: that Christ was coming.

Communication is important to everybody, not just writers, but as writers, we need to be careful what it is we are communicating, for that is how we “declare the glory of God.”



7 thoughts on “Unity in Design

  1. Very philosophical, and all this was brought on by Sid the Science Kid you say?
    I know exactly what you are talking about. It’s wonderful how the same themes run through each layer of creation. It gives a deeper understanding of the phrase “made in his image”.

    Of course there is nothing wrong with being preachy, but you’re right that every kind of communication can speak truth even the ones that don’t “preach” very well like painting, music or fantasy writing.

    from another perspective, all our experience is a sermon awaiting interpretation but much of it does not speak in a way we might label as preaching.


    • Yeah, Sid can get me philosophical sometimes. 😉
      Beauty is another underlying theme that I think God created, but I don’t have that thought as well thought out as the communication one. And I’ve thought about this subject before; Sid just reminded me of it.
      I couldn’t quite grasp what you meant in your last paragraph. What experiences are you talking about that are awaiting interpretation? And which perspective is this? I’m sorry if I am overlooking something obvious, but I have had a busy, though productive, day of school (and Sid) and my brain is telling me that it’s night time.



      • Oh! yeah I could have said that better… I just meant that another way to look at things is that all of life proclaims God’s glory, and that when we experience it it is like discovering a sermon placed there to teach us something even if it is not preachy.

        maybe that is clearer 🙂


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