Photography at My Finest

Hello Readers!

I have had several people ask me where I get some of my photos that serve as backgrounds for either my computer or my blog, such as the picture of the swan on the lake, and I smile big and broad and say, “But I took that picture!” And they’ll say what a nice picture it is, and I’ll smile some more and think, “They wouldn’t think I’m such a good photographer if they could see my other photos.”

Well, I don’t want you to see my other photos. Most of the them are keepsake photos that I keep because they’re one chance photos. However, there have a been a few over the years that have caught people’s eye and so, here are a few of my finest photos, just for you.

We start with two of my first good photos. These were taken shortly after receiving my first real camera at my grandparents’ house. The flowers are a bit fuzzy, but for only been taking pictures for only a couple of months, they’re not too bad.


My highlighted photo here on my blog. Lots of people have commented on this one, and I am happy to announce that I met this swan personally, and I lived to tell the tale. (Figuratively, for I have yet to tell the tale.)


My dad took me to a horse showing competition once, and at first, I was going to delete this photo, for the horse turned its head away, and my flash was off, thus only showing the silhouette, but my dad saw it and told me to keep it. So I did, and here it is.

Here are some more plants. (I like to take picture of plants, can’t you tell?) The great thing about plants is that they don’t move, and you never hear them complaining on how many pictures you’re taking or that they are getting stiff staying in that one pose for so long.


This is one of my favorites, in addition to the next one of the cornflower. It was my desktop picture for the longest time, and I began to think it was one of Window’s sample backgrounds, until I was searching through my museum photos, and saw this among all the other butterflies that are fuzzy.


This cornflower is located in Pennsylvania. I have like ten more photos like this, and I chose this one because of the little bug on it. The same train is always in the background.


I have very little comment on this. It is just a picture of droplets of water on a monkey grass leaf.


My Papaw’s hat. This picture was an accident. I accidentally took it while trying to get my three year old cousin away from the focus of my camera (I was trying to take a picture of my grandfather, which is next), and voila! A nice picture without any effort. (If you don’t count the effort of keeping a little girl away from the camera.)


This is one of the best photos I have ever taken of a human being. Ever.


Last photo. It is what it looks like. My brother exploding.

DSCN0329 Just kidding!

(And yes, I took that picture too. Gracie just loves to smile for the camera.)

(Just for clarification, Gracie is not my dog. I dog sit, and she’s one of the furry rascals I get paid to let outside.)

Let me know what you think of my masterpieces below. Even if you don’t think they’re masterpieces.



9 thoughts on “Photography at My Finest

  1. Whoa. Girl, those are so good!! My favorites are of your papaw, His hat, the flower by the train track, and your brother exploding. 😉


  2. Well these are beautiful. I LOVE the one of your grandfather! It conveys such a story, which is what I think photography should do if at all possibly. (Even though I’m terrible at it….) And the firework one was cool too. I need to try that with my shutter-speed.


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