Where on Earth?

Hello Readers!

No, I didn’t drop off the face of the earth. I almost did. If you count Norfolk, Virginia the the end of the earth. I know it sometimes feels like it.

You see, these past two weeks I have spent the majority of my time in the company of…well…my family. And well…why don’t I start at the beginning.

It all started with the Wilds. Yes, we went into the Wilds, and we returned alive. Barely. No, seriously, by the sight of the six drooping bodies hunched in the van on the way home you would thought there was only survivor, and even he didn’t last long after he got out of the driver’s seat. (My dad takes the “no sleeping while you’re driving” rule very seriously.) We were not dead, much to your relief I dare say, but were actually sleeping. Well, anyways, the Wilds in this case is actually a Christian Family Camp.

I know. Boring.

But why were we sleeping? I hear you ask.

Well, the Wilds is tiring. (And yes, my grammar was correct there. The name of the place is The Wilds.) We got up around seven every morning, and went to bed around midnight. To someone who is used to getting up around seven thirty and going to bed at ten thirty, and then you multiply that time difference by six days, and then add the extra stress of supervising over a hundred noisy children, and then learning to play beach volleyball. (In a skirt, I might add. Everyone else were in shorts except me and one little ten year old girl.)

But why was I watching over a hundred noisy children?

Well, my ten year old sister, whom I shall call for these purposes Dawn, needed to be supervised in her class, just to make sure she played nice with the other kids and not sass the counselors. I am nineteen, and that means I’m an adult, right? SO I was wearing a name tag, as were the counselors, but none of the other kids were, so everyone thought I was a counselor, and I wasn’t! Well, I got made a counselor, and got a code name same as all the other counselors, which was Lucky Charms. (The kids named the counselors based on some interesting facts about them. I’m just glad I wasn’t called Bock Bock Glug Glug.) Here is a picture of most of the counselors. Emily “Mutant Tadpole” wasn’t feeling well, so she isn’t in the picture, but the rest of us are, as well as a couple extras.


From Top Left to Right, then Bottom Left to Right: Michael “OK or “Opera Kangaroo”, Robert “Goldilocks”, Joe “Pook Pook”, Savannah 1.0 “Jelly, Junior, or J”, Liz “Snappin’ Ankles”, Tim “Dr. Sheep Brain”, and Eliah “Shark Bait” (Ooh ha ha)

(Tie die girl was not a counselor in my group) Jessica “Anne of Green Snail-ables”, Gracie “Bock Bock Glug Glug”, Savannah 2.0 “Princess Buttercup or PB” (She’s the first part of PB and J, and Savannah 1.0 is the J part of PB and J), Sarah “I Don’t Know”, Me “Lucky Charms”, and another person who was not actually in our group and got into the picture anyways.

So, these were some of the “Wild things” I spent the first week with.

The second week we watched the eclipse, but we were only in the 90% sector, so yeah, boring. It didn’t even get very dark.

The day after the eclipse, however, I lost my brother to…college. Yep, he is in college now.

So, we moved him in. We met his room mate, who came from an even bigger family than ours. We said goodbye. Then today, we went to go see him and make sure he survived. You see, he was going through an orientation training for the Navy. Today, my brother became a United States Naval officer. He was sworn in as a midshipman, and will continue his training in the college’s ROTC program. *Brushes a tear away*. My baby brother is all grown up. *Sniffles* Oh, wait. He’s only seventeen months younger than me. Oh well.

So that is where I have been. On top of all this mayhem I have struggled with keeping up with school, and because I am a responsible student, I put tests and homework over blogging. I am pleased to announce, however, that I have finished all my work for the week (unless the teachers choose to surprise me) and thus am able to blog.

I may try to get in another post Sunday, but don’t hold your breath.

And no, “Goldilocks” and “Princess Buttercup” are not siblings. The flash makes PB’s hair much lighter than it actually is.



5 thoughts on “Where on Earth?

  1. WELL. You certainly have been productive. Sheesh, what a whirl wind! Good to know you haven’t been swallowed up by the eclipse or anything. (Pathetic though it was.) I don’t think I want to know half of the stories behind those…unusual…nicknames… 😉
    *salutes your brother* Happy trails, Bethia’s brother. *cries for Bethia*


  2. That looks like so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I was there!!!!!!!!!! But I”M SO GLAD YOU ARE BACK, YOU!!!!!
    I’ll be praying for Will. (btw, tell him not to do that explosive thing on the boats.)
    Love ya!!
    Me, Myself, Maddie, and I.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. The eclipse, boring??!! I would not go that far :). Even though it was not dark at 90%, there was still a noticeable difference and some cool looking shadows!

    Liked by 1 person

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