I will be there presently…

Hello Readers!

Like the title says, I will be here presently. Like in a year.

Just kidding! It will be more like… awhile.

Yeah, life has been quite busy. School, family, friends. All take time to grow correctly. All take energy. And that energy will not come from a couple cups of coffee each day. Neither will the time. I still need to eat, relax, and sleep, though I may need to convince my alarm clock of the last one.

I just thought I would say a little something so that you guys didn’t think I fell off the face of the earth, and since I know you guys don’t just want an apology for my silence, I will try to give you some of the product of my previous labors.

This is a poem I wrote today simply because I was tired of studying business law. Yep. So, it may not be the best. However, I tend to write freely and coherently more when I am not supposed to be writing. Common writer’s problem, right?

Anyways, here is Seasons.

Spring has rains of blossoms

And showers cold then warm

Which swells the banks of rivers

And causes men much harm


Summer rains of sunshine

And lifts the winter’s chill

From all of men’s near mem’ry

And stretches longer still

Fall now rains of riches

Worth far more than solid gold

For with its piles of spotted leaves

we make treasures now to hold

Winter rains in closing

And makes all old things new

A blanket cold as it is white

Glistening like morning dew

It is probably just repeating what thousands of poets have said, but it’s something I can show you, so it has served it’s purpose well.

I will try to get another post in within the next two weeks, but don’t hold your breath. Unless you have hiccups. Then hold your breath. But not as long as it takes me to post. Sorry, but you will pass out.





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