Hello Readers!
I am a young Christian woman living in this self-satisfying world. I struggle with pleasing God or pleasing self, and am not always perfect. I am forced into contact with ideas that cause tension in my walk with Christ, but by God’s grace, He gives me wise people in my life who help to answer my questions. Some of these people don’t even realize they’re helping me! God answers prayer in so many ways. This blog is just a collection of things I have learned from these people and circumstances.
Some of my posts will not just be straight reflections, but stories that have resulted from some of my own struggles and ideas. In fact, my favorite one, which I’ve called The Dragon Prince, gave me the inspiration for my title. In it, there is a scene where the Prince Altaio stares into a glassy pool and sees his reflection, which shows what is in his heart. Hence the title of Reflections on Glass.
I may even share some writing tips for aspiring authors and fellow writers when I get enough experience under my belt. I have only been really writing my stories down since I was fourteen. Even then, I had no idea what I was doing. I still don’t! I have many things I need to learn. Bear with me as I struggle through my mistakes, such as showing and not telling and diving deeper into my characters themselves.
Writer, Babysitter, Musician, Daughter of the King of Kings. That about sums me up. Enjoy yourselves and try not to get lost!
Welcome to my world.
God bless and keep you!
Bethia Lark