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This is a quiet place where you can read some bits and pieces of my stories, which are otherwise known as my babies, or I might even let you have a quick peek at some complete stories, but please don’t expect them to stay long.

Regarding Stories:

My brain is always buzzing with ideas of stories, and how to write them, and little things I will probably never use, and so I bore you with them instead. If you want to read them, meaning what I have to say about the concept of writing, click here.

The Actual Stories:

I have many shorts that I would love if you commented on and read, and even shared with friends, if you like them, and if you ask me first. I’ll probably say yes to the stories in this section, but I would still like to know about how many people are interested in my stories. If you want to read little snippets of my imagination, click here.

Guardian Angels

This a series of posts on just one story. It consists of eleven parts and an epilogue. This story has been removed completely from this blog, but if you want to read the whole thing, let me know in the Contact tab above and I will probably send it too you, as long as you promise to not steal my work and give me some constructive feedback in return.

The Dragon Prince

This story is actually the first book of a trilogy, and the posts concerning it have been removed from this blog. However, if you would like to read bits and pieces of it, I would be glad to consider it as well.

The Lark

This is a story I want to eventually publish, and may post some scenes from it as I have thought them decent enough for you to view them. As with all other stories, please don’t use my work without my permission, and if you would like to read this story, give me a line and I’ll give it a thought!


Finally, as the name suggests, here is where I also share with the world the little thoughts that run through my head. I may reflect on many different topics. You might call them meditations, but I prefer the title reflections.